Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems




Our engineering has allowed us to develop purpose-built tools that deliver speed and performance plus are adaptable to many applications. Muro auto feed screw driving systems provide strength, power, and versatility of unique fasteners.

Already have a qualifying drywall screw gun? We have construction grade attachable auto feed screw driving systems for most applications that work continuously without jamming.

Muro makes performance auto feed screw driving systems that will save your business time, money, and a sore back.

More applications for our auto feed screw guns systems include: Decks – Drive screws into any decking material, hardwood composite without pre-drilling. Docks/ Boardwalks – Hardwood wood isn’t a problem drive your fasteners into just about any material. Marine – Stainless steel screws can be driven into wood, which will resist corrosion when exposed to sea air. Flooring/Sub flooring – Drive screws into any sub-floor material from a standing position. Your back will thank you. Drywall – Hanging drywall is hard work, why use two hands to place and fix screws one at a time. Drive them using out auto feed screw strips; save time and effort. Roofing – Trucks/Trailers – Drastically reduce fabrication time with wood to steel or steel to steel fastening of walls and floors…with-out any pre-drilling. Significantly increase production speed…build more units each shift. Join the evolution by getting off your hands and knees. Muro’s height-adjustable T-handle allows you to stand up while driving floor screws. Reduce the risk of Lost Time Accidents / Injuries. Muro provides solutions for many applications of auto-feed screw driving systems. If you need to save time, improve product quality, and enjoy a more natural working position then we’ve got a solution for you. Muro North America is the leader in auto-feed service, manufacturing, distribution, engineering, and product development. Over the past 30 years, we have built our hard-working and respectful reputation by putting our customers first.