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Muro Auto Feed System Solutions

M uro Corporation, in response to increasing demand for their products it became obvious that a new facility would be necessary to provide the level of service that customers expect.

In January of 1991, Muro North America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Muro Corporation, was formed. Operating out of a 50,000 square foot facility, Muro North America Inc. provides full service, manufacturing, distribution, engineering and product development functions.

Conveniently located in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto (Canada’s largest city), and just one hour from the New York state border, it is well situated to provide the required services to the North American market and beyond. Our North American operation has expanded its customer base and currently ships products to more than 16 countries worldwide.

Muro North America Inc. continues to be a leader in the auto-feed screw driving industry. Muro offers the widest product range of tools and fasteners available today, supplying full line coil and strip feed tools and collated fasteners for construction, manufacturing, roofing, framing, transportation and dock and marine industries.