The Best Auto-Feed Screw Guns

Trustworthy, Modern and Powerful Auto-Feed Screw Guns

M uro auto-feed screw gun products are powerful, innovative, and adaptable. We offer a wide variety of advanced auto-feed screw guns, collated screws, and tool accessories that will decrease production time while improving the overall quality of work.

Consistent Effective Auto Feed Screw Guns


Muro the supplier of these unique auto-feed screw gun systems has set the highest standard for consistent and fast installation of a variety of screws. Our Auto Feed screw gun systems provide the power and flexibility to support specialty screws with features such as no pre-drilling, self-tapping and self-countersinking in just about any kind of material.


Over 30 Years of Engineering Experience


For over 30 years, Muro has been providing full service consisting of manufacturing, distribution, engineering and product development functions. Our strong reputation comes from years of hard work, powerful products and respectful and helpful customer service.

Achievements Not Replicated

Many have come along since then and attempted to replicate what we have accomplished but no one has mastered this industry like Muro and we remain at the forefront in tools and fasteners 30 years later. Our advanced engineering has allowed us to be an auto-feed screw gun system of firsts.

  • First with a coil feed system with the highest payload of 150 screws
  • First screw that combines three jobs in one; reaming a clearance hole, drilling in steel and countersinking the head
  • First with a screw that can screw down Exotic Hardwoods with no pre-drilling

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