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Hear what people are saying about Muro North America. The feedback on our customer service and product quality speaks for itself...

Eric Reyes - Project Engineer

Division 8 Engineering Services

Atlanta, GA

I received my replacement VL21 and it looks and performs great. In my search I read a few reviews comparing various screw guns and a few of those articles puts the SENCO 300 in close comparison to the MURO. I couldn't postpone my renovation so for the time being I purchased a SENCO 300 because according to the review they were about the same. The SENCO was a struggle to use with the extension, it was not ridged enough and if your were not plum to the floor it would cause a miss-feed and screwed up the timing for the rest of the screws. Very frustrating!

If the reviews are putting these 2 products close together I was expecting for the performance of the MURO to behave pretty much the same way. Well, I was very surprised when I received the MURO today and ran the same test. I went through a few coils of screws without any problem, no mis-feeds, it can be a little off plum and still perform well. The engineering, design and customer service of MURO is superb.

I am a design engineer, worked for YKK AP, another Japanese company, designing window systems for large building such as the World Trade Center. YKK is the best in the industry and after having a DriverPro and SENCO and now MURO I can say that MURO is the best.

Glen Tombs - Owner

G. Tombs Sanding

Georgetown, Ontario

I have been using Muro for more than 15 years, and just so you know there are many reasons why we have been together for so long. Trust, dependability and service are important to me.

I drive around 1 million screws per year so I need reliable equipment to meet the rigors of my day to day work. The team at Muro delivers what I need to make it easier for me to get all my jobs completed.

Joe Goeglein - DBE Liaison Officer

Federal Coach - Forest River Bus

Goshen, Indiana

Some decisions really are "no brainers." Switching to Muro's stand-up screw gun was one of them. Instead of kneeling on the floorboard and using elbow-grease every eight inches, the employees now stand upright and allow the weight of the screw-gun to do most of the labor. This has resulted in increased throughput and a probable reduction in workmen comp claims - zero since we began using Muro 5 years ago. Definitely worth testing.

Dan Williams - Maintenance Supervisor

Federal Coach - Forest River Bus

Goshen, Indiana

Out of the many we have tried here at Forest River, yours is the best product to have been purchased. We have a total of five running a day at all times, screwing our floors down in our large buses onto the steel frames. The product withstands the pressure and abuse of the hardworking linemen. We appreciate your product and will continue using for a very long time!

Brian Lotz - Outside Sales

Timber Holdings

Bedford, New Hampshire

We have and continue to recommend the Muro Screw system for use with our Iron Woods brand decking. We have found that the Ejector screws do an outstanding job of fastening Ipe without predrilling in both commercial and residential applications. We would not hesitate to recommend this system to any contractor looking for a reliable self-drilling collated screw system for hardwoods decking.

Scott Zide - President

Creative Home Improvements Inc

Framingham, MA

Awesome product, nothing else compares... The Muro tool is pure genius... Love the telescopic extension handle, it makes operating the tool so comfortable.